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Now that Spring is here, most people like myself are looking forward to opening up the windows and giving our home a nice good cleaning. Instead of buying cleaning products with harsh chemicals, why not go green? This doesn’t necessarily mean having to make your own at-home cleaning products. There are a ton of brands that are made with natural and organic ingredients, without the harsh chemicals.

My favorite cleaning brand is Seventh Generation. They are one of the most affordable ones and they make everything from soaps to laundry detergents, diapers, and even wipes. They are my one stop shop for all my cleaning needs. I have been using Seventh Generation for over a year. Below are my must-have cleaning products every home should have. By the way, I buy these on Amazon in bulk and I am good for the entire year.

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Natural Dish Liquid – Some dish soaps leave a soapy residue on your dishes or make your dishes smell funny, but not this one. Since I’ve tried this plant-based dish soap, I haven’t bothered to try another brand. It’s that good. It’s tough on grease and removes dried-food like a champ. This is a dish soap I can trust because there are no harsh chemicals, leaving me to worry-free when I go to eat.fullsizeoutput_47a Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwasher Detergent Packs – perfect for when you don’t want to wash the dishes, just pop in a single-use pack and let the dishwasher do your dirty work.

Natural Hand Wash – I use Seventh Generation hand soap in Lavender Flower & Mint Scent. Again, the smell is very gentle and refreshing – not perfume-y. It’s gentle on my hands and much safer than most hand soaps because it doesn’t contain Triclosan, dyes, or phthalates. It’s all natural and I feel good knowing it’s a product I can trust.

Laundry Detergent Free & Clear – I love this laundry detergent because it seriously is tough on stains and has no harsh smells. My husband is a construction worker and comes home dirty about 90% of the time. This detergent works great at removing stains, filth, and odor from his clothes. This detergent is also great for people with sensitive skin like me and safe enough for babies.

fullsizeoutput_482Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner – I use this product to clean my showers, toilets, and sinks. It safe and non-toxic, yet strong enough to kill 99.99% of household germs, fights cold and flu viruses and controls odors. As for the Lemongrass Citrus Scent, it’s not overpowering like most bathroom cleaners are. It has a nice light scent.

In a nutshell, Seventh Generation is one of the best plant-based cleaning solution brands I have found. It’s my favorite brand to use. Best of all, all products are:

  • Free of dyes & synthetic fragrances
  • USDA Certified Biobased Content
  • Not Tested on Animals & No Animal Ingredients
  • Scents are from plant-based essential oils and botanical ingredients
  • Made in the USA

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What’re your favorite natural cleaning solution brands?

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