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HelloFresh Review

This week I have been cooking with HelloFresh. In case you weren’t already familiar with HelloFresh, I will explain what it is and how it works. I also wanted to share with you my 100% honest review including the recipes, customer service and what I think about meal kit delivery services in general. I also have a Hello Fresh promo code at the end of this post where you’ll save $30 on your first or next order! 


What is HelloFresh?

In case you guys aren’t already familiar with it, HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service offering both omnivore and vegetarian meal plans. It’s $9.08 per person per meal for the vegetarian plan and $10.75 per person per meal for omnivore plan. Delivery is free for all orders. All ingredients come farm-fresh, recipes are chef-inspired and subscriptions are flexible. You can cancel at any time or skip a week if you need to.


My Thoughts on HelloFresh:

I like HelloFresh because I don’t always have the time to figure out what meals to make. It’s a lot of work – looking up recipes, shopping for the ingredients and coming home to prep it and cook it all. HelloFresh makes it super easy! I select my meals, schedule my delivery and enjoy delicious easy to make recipes delivered straight to my door!


All the recipes are easy to make. Each meal comes in a brown bag so it’s super organized and you’ll find all your ingredients in a snap! All you’ll have to do is follow the easy steps to put it all together. It’s that simple!


What’s nice about this service is it gives me opportunities to try some new foods like couscous, that I would have never thought to buy and some meals I would have never thought to make.


Meal Plan:

I get the Hello Fresh Vegetarian Plan which is $59.94 a week for 2 people x 3 meals. This is plenty of food whether you live with a partner or live alone. If you live alone it’s even better because you’ll have leftovers for next day’s lunch!


The only dislike I have is the limited options on the vegetarian menu. HelloFresh only offers 3 vegetarian choices per week so if you see something you don’t like, you can’t swap it out for something else. However, if you order the omnivore plan you won’t have this issue as they have plenty of choices for you.


This Week’s HelloFresh Meals:

I have been cooking with HelloFresh this week and I absolutely love all the recipes. HelloFresh makes me feel like a Rockstar in the kitchen! All recipes are fool-proof and you’ll never run into the issue of cooking something only to find out it didn’t come out right. Each recipe is easy to make and very flavorful. The Hello Fresh menu is always changing each week so you’ll never get bored at the dining room table after a long day at work.


The Hello Fresh meals this week that I made were Chickpea-Powered Mediterranean CouscousGrilled Cheese and Veggie Jumble and my husband made the Garden Quesadillas. They were all delicious and I can’t wait to try next weeks recipes! Check out my Instagram Stories “Food” section for pics and videos. Instagram: @thatbluejeanblonde


If you know you’ll be out of town or don’t like what’s on the menu you can easily skip the week. You can, of course, cancel at anytime too. HelloFresh has an excellent Chat service who is quick to answer at any given time.

A Little Something for You:

If you haven’t tried HelloFresh, I think you should give it a shot. HelloFresh is so amazing, they gave me a Hello Fresh Coupon to share with you guys! You’ll save $30 on your first or next order. Use Promo Code: FB50 at checkout and let me know how you enjoy it!


What are your thoughts on meal delivery services? Have you tried any? Would love to know in the comments below! 

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