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[Photos above were taken on the 4th of July and I never shared them until now]

Happy Sunday Funday! I haven’t posted on my blog in what seems like forever! I do apologize I haven’t been around on the blog or social media. I have been doing a bit of a digital detox and trying to enjoy the last few weeks of my summer. I do miss you guys and want to share what’s going on lately in my life.


Since I have taken a break from blogging and social media, I have been able to focus more on myself lately which is nice. I signed back up to yoga and I have been trying to go as much as I can – usually 3-4 times a week. I would love to be able to go every day because it is so darn good for my body and it makes me feel really good. I have noticed the more I go, the stronger I get, and the easier it is to get through a class. What do you guys do to stay fit?


I have also been trying to live a healthier lifestyle by sticking with a more plant-based diet. My husband and I watched a Netflix documentary called What’s With Wheat, which tells you why wheat is bad for you. I know one more thing we can’t eat!! It has inspired us to eat better. In fact, every time I need some inspiration to eat better I watch a Netflix documentary that tells us to eat more plants and less processed food. It always ends up working and inspiring me to get back on a healthier path.


My husband has committed to doing a Gluten-Free Vegan diet and has already lost weight and doing amazing on it! I am sticking with an almost Vegan diet. When I say ‘almost’ it’s because once a month I want to treat myself to a nice Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Usually cheese is the hardest thing to give up but I have found this amazing Vegan cheese called Chao which tastes just like real cheese! It’s amazing!


We have done Vegan before. Last year we went Vegan for a little more than two months. We lost weight, my skin cleared up and we felt more energized until we fell off the wagon. This time around I want to make it a lifestyle choice and I am hoping I stick with it for a lifetime. It’s been so far fun. I have been experimenting with different Vegan foods and restaurants which I can’t wait to share with you in some upcoming posts. If I can learn to make some of my favorite foods vegan than maybe I got a shot at this. Or at least treat myself to some vegan restaurants that make my favorite dishes.


In a few weeks I am traveling to Italy for the very first time. I am super excited! I have been planning out my itinerary for each city. We will be spending time in Rome, Venice, Naples, Capri, Sorrento, Positano and Florence/Tuscany. I will be posting a mood board of what I am packing for my trip and when I get back I will be sharing my trip and traveling tips with you all.


That’s all from me on this cloudy rainy Sunday. I woke up early to write this for you guys so we can catch up! If you have any tips for me before I go to Italy, please share in the comments below. Also let me know what you’d like to see on my blog. Would you like to see more posts on a plant-based diet, traveling posts, fashion posts, beauty? I want to provide content for you that will benefit you so let me know what you’d like to see on Blue Jean Blonde.


Enjoy your Sunday!

Xo Ariel

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