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Italy Packing List

If you are traveling to Italy and wondering what to pack, you’ve come to the right place! First and foremost, what you plan to pack should depend on what your plans are in Italy. I developed this list based on what we did in Italy. We stayed in Rome each night but took day trips to Pisa, Capri, Pompeii, Venice and Florence. Depending on where you visit and what you’ll be doing, I recommend to dress appropriately so you are comfortable. Below are just a few key items I highly recommend to pack with you.

  1. Dress that covers knees & shoulders – When you go to Italy, you’ll realize there are a ton of churches just about anywhere you visit. If you plan to visit the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica or St. Marks Basilica, you’ll want to make sure you cover your shoulders and knees. Both women and men need to compile with this dress code or you may not be able to get in. I recommend a dress because when you go to Italy it will be hot and a dress is a nice way to stay cool. Now I did notice when we went to St. Marks Basilica in Venice, if you weren’t properly dressed they did offer a coverup but that’s not to say all places will do this.
  2. Blouses – Obviously bring a few blouses and do your best to dress up while you’re in Italy. Italian women and men are so chic and do not walk around in tees or athletic wear. You’ll want to blend in with the locals to avoid getting pick-pocketed.
  3. Sun Hat – Bring a stylish sun hat to protect your face from the sun!
  4. Polarized Sunglasses – bring a pair of sunglasses so your not squinting the entire time in photos. Sunglasses will also add as eye protection if you plan to ride around on a Vespa.
  5. Rompers – I added this one to the list because they are so easy to pack and just throw on.
  6. Light Jacket – If you plan to ride a Vespa or take a Vespa Tour, wear a light jacket for protection in case you make a mistake and fall.
  7. Pair of Jeans – Again, if you plan to ride a Vespa, wear a pair of jeans for protection. During my Vespa tour, I accidentally dropped the Vespa (I was at a complete stop) and scratched my ankle (oops!). If I was wearing a pair of jeans, I wouldn’t have scratched my leg. P.S. my ankle is healing and I am okay!
  8. Swim Suit – Bring a swim suit if you plan to visit any of the beaches or islands Italy has to offer. The water is gorgeous!
  9. Pair of Shorts – Yes bring a couple pairs of shorts that are not ripped and not too short. Stay classy and cool in Italy!
  10. Comfortable Sneakers – You’ll be walking everywhere! We walked 6-12 miles per day! Even though I wore sneakers that were broken in and comfortable I still got 3 blisters on each foot! So be prepared for that.
  11. Comfortable Sandals – Also bring a pair of sandals to give your feet a break from the  sneakers. You can wear these out on the town at night.
  12. Cross-body Bag – Instead of wearing a backpack, wear a stylish cross-body bag to carry all your daily essentials and blend in with the locals. Find one that zips completely shut to avoid getting pick-pocketed.

If you are traveling to Italy for the first time and have any questions for me, let me know if the comments below! 

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