10 Essential Items to Pack for Italy


If this is your first time traveling to Italy, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, I want to share with you the essential items you must take with you to Italy. These items are not at all fashion-forward and not at all fun or cute. They are must-have items so you can be prepared and comfortable in a country you’ve never been to before.


1.) Traveler’s Toilet Paper –

If you are an American, traveling to Italy for the first time, you’ll be surprised some public bathrooms in Italy do not have toilet paper. I highly recommend you carry a roll of traveler’s toilet paper where ever you go. It fit perfectly in my crossbody bag and saved me many times.

2.) Hand Wipes –

I cannot express how happy I was to have these with me at all times. When you go to Italy, you’ll be riding on the train, on the metro and touching railings where ever you go. Not to mention, some public bathrooms do not have soap and the water pressure isn’t great in certain areas. These wipes will keep you germ-free during your travels!


3.) Brita Water Bottles –

There are water fountains all over Rome which is quite convenient. You’ll see people drink from the fountain and fill up their water bottles. The water runs cold and is safe to drink, however, certain areas of Rome the water is highly chlorinated so I recommend you buy a Brita Water Bottle which will remove any impurities you might be concerned about.

4.) Italy Travel Adapter –

You probably already know to pack this but in case you didn’t, you’ll need this to plug in your phone and other electronics. This is the travel adapter we used and it worked great in Italy. If you plan to go to other countries after Italy, buy the Flight 001 5-in-1 Travel Adapter which includes all the plug ins you’ll need if back packing around the world.

5.) Portable Charger –

We used this exact portable charger and it worked amazing! We used our cell phone’s a lot in Italy and when we were low on battery, this portable charger was quick to recharge both our phones. It lasted for 7 days before we had to recharge it.


6.) Mosquito Repellent Bracelets –

If you’re traveling to Italy in the warmer months, I highly recommend mosquito repellent bracelets to keep the mosquitos away. On our arrival day, we went to Roma Termini to buy all of our train tickets for the week and I wasn’t wearing one of these bracelets. Let me tell you, Roma Termini was swarming with mosquitos. After that experience, I wore one of these bracelets on my ankle each day and didn’t have a problem.


7.) Coin Pouch –

€1 and €2 are coins and you’ll want to keep these handy! Some public bathrooms, especially at train stations, will charge you €1 to use. Water bottles are also €1 and taking the metro costs €1.50 per ride so keep these coins handy. I really like this coin pouch because it’s colorful (to be easily found) and slim enough to fit in any small bag.

8.) RFID Blocker –

I bought this Travel Wallet that is RFID Blocking and holds your passport, credit cards, cash and documents. It comes with an adjustable neck strap and is super slim to wear under your shirt.

9.) Cross-body Bag/Men’s Chest Bag –

We did not have a problem with pick-pocketers but that’s not to say they are not around. I didn’t want to carry a backpack around because of the weight so I wore this Coach cross-body bag that zipped shut and wore it in front of me. My husband wore this men’s chest bag. What I like about these bags is that they keep your hands free, they’re light-weight and you wear them in front of you at all times. They have just enough room to carry your essentials and are also quite stylish as well.

10.) Band Aids –

If you plan on taking a Vespa tour, like we did, you may want to pack some band-aids just in case of any minor accidents. I dropped my Vespa on accident and scratched my leg (oops!). There are pharmacies around everywhere but they tend to be expensive so just stick a few in your bag in case of any emergencies.


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